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The retreats that I offer are always balanced. Every retreat will have practices like activating breath work, quantum energy work, activating meditations, and agency coaching to tap into your divine masculine and cultivate a deep sense of safety.

Every retreat will also have Yin, heart journaling, nature meditation, gentle movement practices, conscious emotional release, and integration practices to tap into your divine feminine and embody her power potential by giving her space to feel and receive.




Feminine Connection

Meet your lead facilitators

Sarah Botros

Alexandria Minor

Who is this retreat for?

A Journey to the Heart is for the woman that:

  • Has done everything right, but still wakes up every day feeling like there is something missing

  • Goes to the bathroom, sits on the toilet and cries...and then wipes away her tears with toilet paper, gets herself together and walks back out the door acting like everything is okay

  • Keeps trying to improve herself, but nothing ever seems to be enough. She doesn't seem to be enough.

  • Continues to make promises to herself like "this week, I'll tell my boss I'm not working over time" or "this time I'm going to stand up to my mom and tell her enough is enough"...but as soon as the opportunity comes, she freezes

  • In between meetings and dinner tries to find five minutes to breath, but can never really validate taking time for herself

  • Grabs a glass of wine with her girls to talk about their boyfriends, jobs, and celebrities...filtering her true voice to fit in but never really feeling like she actually belongs

  • Avoids looking in the mirror because when she does she doesn't like what she sees

  • Comes up with the idea for a trip, books the venue, makes all of the plans but secretly just wants her partner to step up and make the plans for once

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What YOU Receive:

Your Retreat Includes:

  • Opening and Closing Sacred Ceremonies

  • Reflection Journal

  • Accommodation (2 person - shared)

  • Vegetarian Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

  • Yin & Power Yoga Practices

  • Sacred Sharing Circles

  • Group Reiki

  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Visit to Thermal Hot Springs

  • At least 1 nature hike

  • Agency Coaching

  • Grounding Nature Meditations

  • Cathartic Release

  • Breath work

  • Dynamic (somatic) Meditations

  • Integration Tools

  • Private Beach

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What to expect when you get home:

  • To be in relationships where you feel like you belong and feel safe to share your true voice

  • To have a deeper connection to your voice. Expect to feel confident to express your needs and boundaries with your partner, boss, friends, and family members

  • To have trust in your Self and your decision making. No more asking people whether it's the right decision or not

  • To have gained clarity on what you need in order to feel fulfilled in your relationship and your career or business

  • Clarity on where in your life you can no longer settle for less than you desire

  • A HUGE hit of creative energy and ideas

  • To have a place in a community of women who cheer you on for speaking your truth. A group of women that ask you to take off the mask. A community of women where you don't have to walk on eggshells out of fear that you will say the wrong thing and no longer be accepted.


BONUS: Post Retreat Integration Call

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